Difference Between Criminal And Civil Litigation Essay

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Both criminal and civil cases involve two parties that have concluded a disagreement cannot be resolved amongst themselves, and requires legal intervention. Civil cases are initiated when one party to a non-criminal action feels they have been wronged and are unable to reach an amicable resolution with the other party themselves. Criminal cases involve two parties also, but one of these parties is acting in representation of the government and the dispute involves a violation of a criminal statute. A major difference between criminal and civil cases is the burden of proof required to assign fault. Criminal cases require a belief beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant is guilty of the alleged action, where civil cases only require that plaintiff proves the defendant more than likely is guilty of the alleged action. Besides these differences, criminal and civil cases follow a similar trial process. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast both types of cases with each other (http://www.lawfirms.com/resources/lawsuits-and-disputes/litigation/differences-between-criminal-and-civil-litigation.htm). Let’s begin with describing the pre-trial procedures for civil cases. To begin this process a dispute needs to exist that cannot be resolved between the parties themselves, and there needs to be cause of action. A cause of action is establishing a basis upon which a lawsuit can be brought in court. After this aspect is satisfied, the plaintiff determines which court has…

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