Difference Between Cooking At Home And Eating Out

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Cooking at Home/Eating Out
Eating is a basic need that people typically enjoy. In the past, it was a time to sit down at the table and communicate with the family. Today, people live busier lives and access to food is easily found outside of the home. These days both parents work to support their family; therefore, sitting down and eating a meal is not a priority as it was in the past. These changes are making eating at the table a thing of the past. Cooking at home and eating out will satisfy hunger; however, both differ in convenience, healthiness, and affordability.
In contrast, eating out is more convenient than cooking at home. Due to extracurricular activities, families eat out from a necessity because they simply do not have time to
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When people eat out, they tend to overeat especially at an all you can eat buffet. Some people eat more just to get their money’s worth. They also make unhealthy choices, for instance eating a dessert just because it is included with the meal. At buffets, the food is handled by every customer who eats at the buffet which can lead to the spreading of germs. Food poisoning is another danger of eating out because food can be undercooked or left out too long. Fast food restaurants are generally not healthy. They usually have no fruits or vegetables on their menu. They serve processed and fried foods; whereas at home, people can make healthier choices. Too much fast food can lead to health problems such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. When eating out, people never know what they are actually eating and how fresh the food is. They do not know what the people who prepared the food have been doing or how sanitary the cooks are. Also, the kitchen that the food is prepared in could be a health …show more content…
When buying groceries, people can set a budget and determine how much they want to spend. Most grocery stores have their own store brand which is always cheaper than the name brand products. Weekly specials on some store items also help people save money on their grocery bill. People also use coupons and buy items in bulk to cut cost at the grocery store. Some people even shop at wholesale stores to get the best prices. When eating out, customers have to pay not only for their meals but also for the cook, a tip, and taxes which makes the meal cost more than eating it at home. Drinks with the meal are extremely high in price. It also requires gas money to get to and from the restaurant. These costs add up and make cooking at home a more economical option. There will always be a big difference in cooking at home and eating out. Each family has their own opinion about cooking at home and eating out. Convenience, healthiness, and affordability are the main factors that determine whether one cooks at home or eats out. However, convenience is the greatest determining factor in whether people eat out or cook at home. Eating is a necessity that everyone has to do to survive no matter where people choose to do it. Whether eating out or cooking at home, it is still very important for the family to eat

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