Difference and Similarities Between Christianity and Four (4) World Religion, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Muslims and Hinduism.

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Title: Difference and Similarities between Christianity and Four (4) World Religion, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Muslims and Hinduism.


In the world today there are many religions of different beliefs with vast numbers of followers. However, some of these religions turn to have similarities and differences which defer them from each another.

The following report briefly talks about the differences and similarities between Christianity and other four (4) major world religions and they are Buddhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism and Muslims.

Zoroastrianism and Christianity

Zoroastrianism was founded by a man named Zoroaster who was born around 1200 BC (www.Answers.com). During that time the Jewish people were held captive by
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Finally, the both religions do also believe in the existences of Angles and Archangels including immorality of soul and life after death, (www.metareligion.com). They both believe that there is one head of evil which Christians refers to as Satan and Zoroastrian as Ahriman.


These two (2) religions share different sacred books. As for the Zoroastrian their sacred book is called ‘Avesta’ and sacred book for the Christians are known as ‘Holy Bible’. We Christians know that God is our heavenly Father and we are his children but as for the Zoroastrian they refer to mankind as God’s helpers. They (Zoroastrian) believe that the positive and wise thinking of mankind will push the evil away and then the paradise of the God will be established here on earth, (www.metareligion.com).

Another difference is that as for the Zoroastrian they face sources of lights like sun and or fire when praying, these symbols represents the energy or wisdom of God whereas Christians bow their heads down or look up into the heavens (sky) and pray, (www.metareligion.com).
In addition to that, in Zoroastrian salvations is received through active participating of good deeds on you own whereas salvation is received by the grace of God through his son Jesus Christ. To repent from sin, Zoroastrian there is none what is known is that their good deeds like good thoughts, words and actions pile so if sinner repents then his/her good deeds

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