Diet Sod A Healthy Beverage Choice Essay

1480 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
Do you want a healthy drink that will quench your thirst and satisfy your tastes buds? If so you should try drinking green tea or some vitamin water because diet soda is certainly not the answer. Many people are oblivious to what diet soda really does to their body. It has no nutritional value and may be worse than regular soda. People see the word diet and automatically think its good for them. Often individuals who want to lose weight start out by trading in regular soda for diet, not knowing that they could actually gain weight. Diet soda seems to be a great healthy beverage choice, but in reality it gives people a higher risk of having health issues. Although diet soda has no sugar and less calories, its also bad for every ones health because it can cause heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity. During the late 1950s diet soda was introduced in the United States by a man from Russia named Hyman Kirsch, but it was not until the early 1980s that it became much more popular and profitable. The first soda that became diet was ginger ale called the No cal beverage . It was originally designed for diabetics to have their own soda to drink because they couldn 't have regular. Then soda companies marketed it to women who wanted to lose weight. This made diet soda very popular, selling more than two million cases of soda in New York and Washington D.C. The diet drinks were then selling over five million dollars a year by the end of 1953.Years later companies also wanted…

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