Diet Of A Healthy Diet Essay examples

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Diet can be a horror to some, and for others it 's just a necessary evil that helps them stay in shape. Starting with low fat, low carb, no sugar foods to diet pills and starvation, the route to a healthy body is often unhealthy and vicious. Too many debates have followed, claiming diet plans that work, and don 't harm. Health experts are baffled with the paranoia surrounding weight loss plans with a healthy diet. Though it is necessary to loose weight with obesity taking an epidemic from, it 's also important to note that healthy diet is one that helps to improve and maintain health and at the same time evade chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It 's not just a disguised form to loose weight and become anorexic. The major constituents of a healthy diet are- 1. Carbohydrates- While dieting, people tend to go low on carbohydrates, a very unhealthy practice. Carbohydrates along with FAT and PROTEINS make the trio that is the energy provider to the body. It provides the body with direct benefits in the form of vitamin B and fiber. Besides this, consuming carbohydrates helps to digest other essential nutrients. They also help to regulate blood glucose and break down the fatty acids which help to prevent ketosis. Bearing all this in mind, it is mandatory to consume natural forms of carbohydrates like brown bread, oatmeal and whole grain cereal. Also, these should be eaten in a controlled manner. E.g. having a brown bread sandwich just once in a day, 2.…

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