Did You Know Viva La Vida? Essay

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Did you know Viva La Vida by Coldplay is about the French Revolution? It is true. The French Revolution was so significant there were songs being made about the event centuries later. The French Revolution took place in France from 1789 to 1799. The people of France revolted against King Louis XVI because France had economic, political, international, and social problems as well as an ineffective ruler. The French government could have taken action to prevent the revolution from happening such as fixing financial issues, giving different social and economic classes equality and giving the majority what they wanted. The French government was spending a mass amount of money. Consequently, the country was slowly becoming bankrupt. Running the King’s personal court costed too much money. Another issue was the thousands of people benefitting from the country’s capital because they gave very little in return. King Louis XVI was unable to solve the problems his country was facing. He needed more funding to keep France running, and attempted to pass a law where the nobility had to pay more taxes. The Aristocrats did not approve of this and Involved people from the third estate to denounce the King’s power (“The Economic Crisis”). The American Revolutionary War contributed to the French Revolution as well. France sent the Americans a numerous amount of resources, and could not afford it (“The Economic Crisis”). France and the majority of French people were poor. The destitute…

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