Did The Revolutionary Leaders Have A Common Goal Of Liberating The Citizens Of Their Country?

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In the late 18th and early 19th centuries revolutionary movements had started across the Americas and France. The leaders had a common goal of liberating the citizens of their country. Each document is focused on a different group of people achieving freedom and independence. All the documents were based on enlightenment ideals and are all more liberal in social and political thought. The goals are different in each document some leaders sought independence from colonization; others sought gender equality, or abolition of slavery. The revolutionary leaders may have gone through different experiences causing them to have different motives for independence. Each of the documents have motives based on race, gender, and breaking ties from imperial powers, each has a unique expression of equality. These documents are all used to address the public and provide insightful views of what the leaders believe in, but to better answer the question I would request for a document that is more private such as a journal entry that these leaders had. The documents are all official statements it would be helpful to see if they truly believed in these things, or if it was just for pleasing the citizens. Other types of documents that I would additionally request would be an account from a civilian in either the Americas or French, to see if they agree with the proclamations being made by the leaders. Having an understanding as to what peasants, middle class, or aristocrats…

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