Did Secession And Racism Be So Intimately Connected? Had White Supremacy?

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Could secession and racism be so intimately connected? Had white supremacy also form a critical element in the secessionist cause? Through the book Apostles of Disunion, the historian Charles Dew attempts to respond to these questions examining the speeches and letters from the secession commissioners who were in charge of convincing the Southern States to secede from the Union in 1860 – 1861. This essay will present the aspects of culture, society and politics the people from the South were trying to protect, the real reasons they had to secede from the Union, and how these reasons have been changed by some groups since the civil war. It is evident that racial issues and protection of slavery were the central concern on the reasons presented by the commissioners, rather than the consternation for the economy or the defense of the States Rights.
Many aspects of Southern culture were threatened by Lincoln’s administration proposal of equality between black and white races. In the North, the economy was increasing very fast; with all the factories that were being created and the large number of people who were coming from Europe, many large cities were established. While in the South the principal source of the economy was the large plantations with big labor forces mainly composed of black slaves. This was very profitable but just for the plantation owners because the slaves were working without pay, receiving inhuman treatment, and living in deplorable conditions. The…

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