Nast's Cartoon Analysis

According to Stephens’ cornerstone is that there are still unequal rights between the
Negro and the whites. Even through, it was thought that the enslaver would change under the new government. In the new government, slavery still exists and the Negros does not have the same right as the whites.The beliefs between the Negros and whites have not changes in the new government as well. Stephens was the Vice President of the confederate states during the civil war era.
The fundamental assumptions were wrong, the premise was supposed to be treated as equal rights regardless of the nationality. If the new government premise was right then their conclusion about Negros having equal rights as the white man would be right. Instead, their
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Most of the people in the south were afraid of him because of his power and for their resources. The south was not at peace.
Slavery was still going on in the south. The cartoon was to fear in the southern to destroy their hopes. Lincoln thought the cartoon with the swords was a sign to the enemy to defeat their

success. Before Lincoln’s election he was for slave trade, which fears the Southerners. The fears for the southerners lay the secession for the United States Republic. The southerners were not at peace instead, the northerners were at peace. During the civil war the Confederated states was united together among the southern and Lincoln. More so, Lincoln aimed toward the southern to cease the ambitious to disaffiliate from gaining success.
The southern was considered as slave in the south. The slaves were workers that were known as slaveholders and their attitude was malicious toward Lincoln. From Lincoln actions about the slaves made the slaves bitter. Also, Lincoln wanted control and he demolition the slave’s accomplishment. Lincoln intention was to gain power from the slaves, and the slave’s views were powerless. During 1891, slave’s duties from the masters were to take orders

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