Definition Of Slavery In The United States

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According to Stephens’ cornerstone is that there are still unequal rights between the
Negro and the whites. Even through, it was thought that the enslaver would change under the new government. In the new government, slavery still exists and the Negros does not have the same right as the whites.The beliefs between the Negros and whites have not changes in the new government as well. Stephens was the Vice President of the confederate states during the civil war era.
The fundamental assumptions were wrong, the premise was supposed to be treated as equal rights regardless of the nationality. If the new government premise was right then their conclusion about Negros having equal rights as the white man would be right. Instead, their
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It has been justified that it is natural and normal that blacks are subjected to be a slave. In his eyes that’s what the Providence already created. The
Northern States wanted to make everything to become equal, which the government had made everything unequal.Stephens argue that it is unnatural opinions as fallacy and illusion. Anti- slavery arguments are huge facts that cannot be proved and it is premises that the wrong conclusions. For instance, the conclusion cannot form a foundation of a republic. The argument of slavery was useless to him and premises as irrational to whoever cohere to the abolition of slavery. In the Nast’s cartoon Lincoln view the south is at war. Most of the people in the south were afraid of him because of his power and for their resources. The south was not at peace.
Slavery was still going on in the south. The cartoon was to fear in the southern to destroy their hopes. Lincoln thought the cartoon with the swords was a sign to the enemy to defeat their

success. Before Lincoln’s election he was for slave trade, which fears the Southerners. The fears for the southerners lay the secession for the United States Republic. The southerners were not
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During 1891, slave’s duties from the masters were to take orders and work in cotton fields to produce economic. Later, Lincoln determination was to bring trades to an end. Lincoln thought this would help the Republic to have power, if the trades ended in the
South. Lincoln, hostility made the slaves feel as though, they was been attacked, which made the slaves worthless and getting freed were impossible.
The Southern and the Northern had to deal with the Stephens and Nast with the act of being arrogant with intolerance that was showed to African American and black women 's. More so, the slaves had adapted to the intolerance that was showed to the blacks. Thus, the blacks had no rights at all. For instance, blacks were not allowed at any voting polls, neither voting rights nor freedom to speak. Basically, blacks were not considering as being a citizen which that was injustice and unjust to equal rights. Moreover, being a black woman or African America was characterized as being a slave. With that being said, they was considered as being the lowest and degraded to the white 's because of the color of their skin. Later, the Civil War was over when white 's being to recognize blacks and changes among society begin to favor black

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