Mao Zedong Dbq

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Mao Zedong got power by promising to make China better in 1950-1976. Communism is a way of organizing a society in which the government 's goal is to have social, political and economic equality that is ruled by a dictator. Mao Zedong did not make a better society economically because landlords were forced to leave their property, their society was not doing well and the society socially had religion and culture destroyed and including discrimination towards landlords.
Mao Zedong did not make a better society economically because the society was not doing so well, especially landlords were negatively benefited. In document #1 by Wang Xin who was a Chinese peasant that worked on the farm wanted to talk about the changes that happened under
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In document number 3 by Han Z. Li. who grew up in China and was a professor in psychology wanted to inform the experiences of the landlords to the people who were interested in Han Z.’s life in China, 2004. She was born in China, that meant that she was able to see the things on how the landlords were treated. What this documents reveals is how there was discrimination against landlords. This document shows that landlords were negatively affected because the biggest landlord was killed and many were still forced to get married. What this shows about the society at the time was that it was very dangerous and unfair towards landlords. Landlords were punished for who they were and were treated badly while peasants were living there dream. In document number 7 by an Unknown author that was a photographer wanted people interested in the effects of the cultural revolution to be informed on the negative effects of the cultural revolution in China 1996. He was a photographer that was able to take pictures of the negative effects of the cultural revolution. In this document, it gives information on how religion was being thrown away, not allowed. This reveals on how the society was not ecstatic because it caused a negative effect where people became rebellious and burned all old culture which meant people weren’t able to practice their own religion. After including the other two example, there is another example that helps provide details on how Mao Zedong did not make a better society socially. Communists destroyed old culture, art, music, and theatre. What this reveals is that this was one of the negative effects that happened. With destroying the old culture that meant freedom was taken away because if people were to keep any old culture secretly and the communists were to find out they would be seen as people that were

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