Did Hamlet Really Go Insane? Essay

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There are many ways one could argue whether or not Hamlet is insane or that he really is a psycho killer. Along those lines, I believe that Hamlet did in fact go completely bonkers and everything that happened that was not in the presence of the king or queen was just a figment of his imagination. After contemplating this I've made up a conclusion why exactly I think he is insane.

In act 1, scene 4, line 68, Horatio says to Hamlet, “What if it tempt you toward the flood, my lord, or to the dreadful summit of the cliff that beetles o'er his base into the sea, and there assume some other horrible form, which might deprive your sovereignty of reason and draw you into madness?" This is a good example of foreshadowing because the ghost
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In act 2, scene 2, line 207, Polonius catches wind of Hamlet adopting this “antic disposition” (i.e. going insane) when he says "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't." If Polonius can figure that out, then there must be some grounds to it. The problem with this idea is that Hamlet actually says to Laertes just before their duel in act 5, scene 2, line 139, that him killing Polonius "was madness" and that he can’t take any responsibility for it because it wasn't him who performed the act. There's a couple of ways to look at this now: Hamlet was temporarily mad for only the instant that he killed Polonius. Or two, Hamlet wants to fool himself into believing that he did no wrong and cannot be held responsible for Polonius' death.

There are two groups of characters in the play, one that see the ghost of Hamlet's father (Horatio, Bernardo, Marcellus...ect.) and the ones who don't (Claudius, Polonius, Gertrude...ect.) These two groups never actually interact with each other until the final scene of the play. It leaves me to wonder if Horatio, Marcellus and Bernardo are just as non-existent to the other characters as is the ghost. The only detail that is so subconscious but also a huge part of the story is that Hamlet interacts with all the characters in the story while they do not all interact with one another. Which then finally leads me to think that the ghost as well as the

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