Diction Of The Road Not Taken

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“The Road Not Take”’ by Robert Frost published in 1916, is a short lyric poem that speaks about how the choices we make leads us down the different ‘roads’ of life. The author Robert Frost was an American poet, whose work was originally published in England before America. Frost use’s many aspects throughout his poem to make it unusual from most poems done in the same era as this one. Frost uses a mixture of modernist and traditional techniques to make it one of his most well-known poems, for its simplicity but also conflicting thought pattern.
The poem begins with the speaker standing in the woods, considering a fork in the road ahead of him. Both ways are equally worn as the other, and equally overlaid with un-trodden leaves. The speaker then chooses one, telling himself that he will take the other another day. All the while knowing that is unlikely to happen. Frost created this poem to be lyric because it is a short story of one’s own personal experience and their feelings, which in
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The poem does use figurative language, because the whole poem is a metaphor. Frost is comparing the paths in life to the choices one must make when they are faced with a ‘crossroad’. The effects of metaphors on readers include the creation of vivid imagery, by transferring emotional content from something that is generally understood by most to something less understood. It gets the reader thinking about the poem on a different level and helps the reader to really connect with the content.
The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost uses both old traditional methods and modernist methods to draw in many different types of readers. Frost captivates his readers by leaving the interpretation of the poem up to them, and lets them use their own experiences to connect with the

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