Summary Of The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Schizophrenia

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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Schizophrenia There are different types of mental disorders ranging from mild to severe. The more severe these disorders tend to be the more difficult they can be to diagnose and treat. One of the more severe psychological disorders is Schizophrenia, which is classified under the category of psychotic disorders. A psychotic disorder is one that involves “unusual thinking, distorted perceptions and odd behaviors” (Beidel, Bulik, Stanley, 2014, p. 356). This disorder can cause many different problems with daily life. An individual might think people are not who they appear to be which can cause people to have problems with normal socialization. As a result people who suffer from schizophrenia could possibly lose …show more content…
Many patients also go through various forms of psychosocial treatment. One of these types of psychosocial treatments is psychoeducation (Beidel, Bulik, Stanley, 2014). An article by Dixon, Adams and Lucksted discusses why psychoeducation is used. The families of people who suffer from schizophrenia can also suffer from the burden of caring for their family member. The idea behind psychoeducation is that the patient and the families are taught how to work together so that they can help manage the disorder in the best way possible. These programs can vary in length but the goal is to teach them to fundamentals of coping with the disorder so that the patient can achieve remission from the disorder (2000). This also helps with families who seem to be highly involved in the patient’s life because it can teach them how they should go about socializing in a way that would cause the person with schizophrenia to relapse. This type of therapy is less effective towards patients who might not be close to their family members or who might not have anyone who can help support them. Generally speaking people who have this disorder will have trouble doing daily activities and will need to have someone to help them out. So it makes sense that many schizophrenia patients would go through this type of …show more content…
This approach was intended to be a second part of a plan that also included the use of medications to help with compliance of the patient. This type of therapy is similar to therapy that is used on patients who have anxiety and depression which makes it also useful for dealing with negative symptoms. The first part of this approach is to create a healthy relationship with the schizophrenic patient. Once there is a relationship in which the patient trusts the individual there can be discussions in which the patient can comfortably discuss the delusions or hallucinations that they have been having (2006). This type of therapy is helpful because it helps the patient distinguish between what is real and what is part of their delusion. This also explains why they might be more compliant with taking their medications because there is less chance that they will think their medications are just part of their

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