Beautiful Mind Synopsis

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A beautiful mind is set in the late 1940’s, a movie based on a true story of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics, Directed by Ron Howard in 2002. This story emphasizes Nash 's graduate years at Princeton University where he starts to develop a mental disorder. Later doctors diagnose Nash with paranoid schizophrenia which causes Nash to start hallucinating. Nash struggles through his life and with the help of friends and especially his wife is able to recover.
A beautiful mind is about a graduate student that attends Princeton University with the Carnegie Prize for mathematics. Although he was not expecting to have a roommate, Charles comes in as his roommate and soon becomes his close friend. Nash is man that does not like to interact
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While at the facility Nash notice a mysterious man from up above, that has been observing him. When Nash was walking home he encounters the mysterious Department of Defense agent William Parcher that Nash saw at the Pentagon. Looking down to him. Parcher explains Nash that he has to look for patterns in magazines and newspapers to thwart a Soviet plot. He was assigned to write a report and place it in a mailbox. One day while Nash was delivering reports, Parcher drives up and informs Nash to get in the car. Nash was being targeted by the Russians. Afterwards, Nash becomes paranoid and starts having abnormal behavior, Alicia is worried and informs a psychiatric …show more content…
Alicia convinced Nash to try to live with his abnormal condition. Nash begins ignoring all three of them in order to ignore his hallucinations.
This disorder that Nash develop, impacted his life because he struggles with his own personality having these hallucinations. Also it impact the relationship with Alicia because she almost give up on him, and not being able to have a normal life Alicia played an important role in Nash’s life because she was very patient and always tried to understand Nash even though it was hard.
Nash grows older and starts working at Princeton mathematics department auditing classes. Overall, Nash earns a privilege of teaching again and was honored to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his revolutionary work on game

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