Diabetes Prevalence Of Diabetes Health Essay

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In Washington State, certain populations experience major disparity in regards to diabetes health outcomes. The populations most adversely affected by this disparity are those of older age, lower education, lower household income, and/or identify with Hispanic, Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native or Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander minority racial groups. Diabetes health disparity in the older population is illustrated by Washington State’s DOH who shows that among non-Medicare members, the prevalence of diabetes of people >65 years of age (~23%) is about three times higher than that of people 18-64 years of age (~7.4%) (Wiesman, 2014). Disparity in diabetes health also affects those with lower education, where it’s found that individuals with an education of high school or less have a 1.5 times higher prevalence of diabetes (11%) and nearly 4 times higher incidence of diabetes-related mortality (2.09 per 100 person-years) compared to individuals with a college education where diabetes prevalence is 7% and diabetes-related mortality incidence is 0.53 per 100 person-years (Wiesman, 2014; Saydah, Imperatore & Beckles 2012). Individuals of lower income status also face disparities related to diabetes health. Lower income individuals, those living in households that make less than $25,000 a year, have a diabetes prevalence that is twice as high (12%) as that seen among high income individuals (6%), those living in households that make > $75,000 (Wiesman, 2014; Rabi et…

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