Diabetes Is A Chronic Disease Essay

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According to the Centers for Disease control and prevention [CDC] more than 29 million Americans, lives with Diabetics [CDC2014]. There are people who are not aware that they have Diabetics and the recent study shows in every four people with diabetes doesn’t recognize that they are living with diabetics. Diabetics is a chronic disease affecting all age group and increasingly affects the health of the individual, couples, families and society and a major threat to the Natation’s health. . A major concern in diabetes organization is how well the patient is capable to follow the established medical routine of self-care. Located within personal, physical, and social settings, the meaning that a couple creates and the sentiments they feel in their adaptation to existing with diabetes and its challenging regimen can be observed as the couple’s relationship with diabetes. The association amongst social support and chronic illness is well established and couple relationships seem to be predominantly significant to handling diabetes (Fisher, 2006). However, researchers have only instigated to explore how specific types of support from a partner are supportive or destructive to managing with diabetes management. Also, while a meaning-oriented, bio psychosocial method to diabetes treatment has been broadly encouraged for researching chronic illness (Walsh, 1998; Wynne, Shields, & Sirkin, 1992), limited studies have adopted this outline to examine what makes couples successful in…

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