Deviance on Television Essay

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Deviance on Television
In sociology, the term deviance refers to behaviors or attitudes which go against certain cultural norms. It is evident that deviance is a fascinating topic not only for sociologist, but for television industry and its viewers, as well. In recent years, increasing number of shows begun to feature individuals violating every kind of social norm from folkways to taboos. The Secret Life of the American Teenager, an American television series on the ABC Family television network, is one of the many contemporary shows that portray deviant behaviors on national television. It’s intended for the target audience of teens and their families who are trying to cope in a culture where teen girls and boys are sexually active.
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She had taken a vow of abstinence, but breaks her vow of chastity-until-marriage and loses her virginity to Jack, her on again/off again star of the football team boyfriend. Anne Juergens and George Juergens, parents of Amy both committed adultery. George was cheating on his wife Anne, with Adrian's mother, Cindy Lee. Anne also had a sexual affair with a coworker and became pregnant right after Amy did. She is not certain, if the baby was from her new (but now ex-) boyfriend David or her ex-husband George. The second term is Labeling Theory, a theory that society creates deviance by identifying particular members as deviant, is projected through this one character. Adrian Lee is an eighteen-year-old majorette. She has gain a reputation for being promiscuous and enjoys casual sex, so after she gets that name she tries and lives up to it. She begins sleeping around with about every guy, even with her new stepbrother. The deviances on Secret Life were condemned. The characters faced the consequences of their deviant behaviors. Their trust with each other was broken and their relationship with one another was ruined, because of these, as well. Amy Juergens struggled to balance her life as a new single mother and high school student. She has a rocky relationship with Ricky, the father of the child, as he struggled to accept fatherhood responsibility. Grace Bowman’s loving, respectful and open relationship with her family was

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