Social Consequences And Complications Of Feminist And Deviance

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Deviance is a social boundary. As Becker states, deviance is defined as “The infraction of some agreed-upon rule”. This may not always be the case though. While breaking a law such as committing murder is considered deviance, there are unwritten social agreements that can result in a deviance. This is possible because as Becker states, “Deviance is a consequence of the responses of others to a person’s act”. It need not necessarily be bound in legislation or formally agreed upon. For instance, someone may respond in a negative manner to how someone looks, or a particular trait of said person that they may not directly be able to control. Becker makes a very important note- “Deviance: it is created by society”. The rules we have created for our daily lives, when broken, result in a deviance. The deviant, or person who has committed the deviance, is most always labeled in a negative manner that has many social implications.

These deviances that society has created change the way we act
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Feminists and Marxists alike have made significant points in regards to this matter. Which gender you identify as can affect both your power, and place in society. The same can be said for which sexuality you claim. These correlations of core personal attributes are a part of an intentional system of exploit for capital gain and disempowerment of marginalized groups due to wrongful discrimination. Capitalism uses both oppression and expression of sexual expression for monetary gain. The gender you identify with and the sexuality you claim are both used as a wrongful basis for discrimination and disempowerment of human rights and suppression of freedom of expression. Imagine having an attribute that you cannot control being used against you for the gain of others. Traits people are born with, and cannot change are used as a baseline for social hierarchy

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