Deviance And Social Norms Of Society Essay example

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Deviance is behavior that does not conform to basic cultural norms and expectations. Having tattoos, being attracted to the same sex, stealing, rapping, child molestation and sex before marriage are examples of deviant behavior. There are disagreements about deviance, what it is, how to define it, and what causes it. Deviance can be complicated to define because it has so many things that factor into it things like, culture, race, society and more. What is considered deviant has changed over time. Women first started wearing pants in 1851, called bloomers. Women who wore pants were considered deviant. However, body modification and drugs that where once frond upon and considered a deviant are now trends and norms of today’s society. Why has deviance changed over time?
What is considered deviant behavior is different in every culture. Culture is the collection of values, beliefs, knowledge, norms, language, behaviors, and materials objects shared by a people and socially transmitted from generation to generation. Getting pregnant before marriage, cutting your hair, marrying outside of you race may be considered deviant to some cultures, but not seen as deviant in other cultures.
Deviance in society has changed through the years. In an article, the authors stated “Changing norms seriously complicates attempts to evaluate standards for the deviance. Acceptability of cigarette smoking, for example, has risen and fallen a number of times in the united states since 1800s” (Troyer…

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