Development Through the Life Stages Physical Effects of Ageing

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Development though the life stages
Physical effects on aging
In older age (64+) many things happen on the inside and the outside the body. As you hit older age, you will start to notice that many things will happen on the outside of your body. Your hair may start to go grey or you may start to go bald. The hair goes grey because as you get older your hair loses pigment which is the colouring in your hair. Also your skin may lose elasticity; this means your skin may appear to get wrinkles. Your posture may also start to get worse in older age because your shoulders begin to drop and you may start to hunch forward. This will affect your posture.
These things that happen on the outside could also affect you in other aspects of your life.
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Eating is often regarded as a social event and often people in older age do not eat unless they are will other people. Your food may also become less appealing because you lose sensation in your taste buds. This will make your favourite food less appealing and you may stop eating.
A lot of things can stop you from accessing food; this could be because of your mobility. If you cannot get of the house, you can’t get to the shops to buy food. You may not want to ask people to go to the shop for you because you do not want to feel like a burden and childlike. However, if you are not eating it could increase your chances of having a nutrient deficiently and affect your immunity from viruses. Having a nutrient deficient could affect your health in a major way and can make you very ill if you are not getting the right nutrients. If you can’t stand by the cooker for a long period of time or undo bottles. This will stop you actually accessing the food to eat, if no-one else is around to open it for you. Another reason your digestion may be affected is if you have lost a loved one. You may feel like they is no point in just cooking for you. This may lead to you eating convenience food which is high in fat or not eating at all. You may also gain weight in older age. This could be because you are eating the same amount as you did when you were working.

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