Development Of Tourism Area Life Cycle Essay

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In general terms, tourism consists of traveler’s movement to domestic and/or international destination for leisure activities, businesses, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions), spiritual and health, education, sports, etc.. Tourism area life cycle was proposed by a young Canadian researcher, Richard Butler, in 1980 as explaining how every destination will increase established tourism industry by growing the number of tourist in a period of time. There are different stages in tourism area life cycle which are exploration, involvement, development, consolidation and stagnation. Between consolidation and stagnation stage there is a critical range of elements of capacity or the negative impacts of the destination that can occur. From the stagnation on wards there are two basic possible scenarios that can happen either decline or rejuvenate. Focusing on two destinations that can fit in tourism area life cycle that I chose, Crete in Greece and Langkawi, Malaysia are the two perfect example to analyze how an outstanding growth economy rises due to tourist arrivals and how the tourism organizations in these destinations manage to improve and create the required framework of different types of establishments that offers goods and services that relates to tourism industry.

Crete is a Greek island that experience a significant growth of tourist arrivals for the past years. As the number of increasing foreign arrivals in Crete, business entrepreneurs…

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