Development Of Literacy Skills Of A Child As Young Essay

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Education has become a huge part of growth in society today. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should begin to participate in the development of literacy skills of a child as young as infancy. Some of the ideas suggested are read aloud with children to help prepare for the child’s mind for learning language, also being counseled by a certified medical doctor on different ways to help development can help the learning process of the child. Although these tips are provided for parents to see, various parents are not capable or willing to provide the attention to the child that is needed. Research has shown that children of this nature are greatly effected in school due to the lack of skills being taught to them at an early age. It also have shown that it effects the well-being of the child. A lot of children that are raised in low income families and families that are in poverty are not able to seek the proper educational help that is needed. Local doctor offices and medical systems participate in different systems of education to help to provide a tip to every parent and child. Poverty and low income provided in a family can determine the developments of a child, but poverty and low income should not be the reason a child will not fully develop the skills needed to succeed in the future since there are systems created to prevent it.
The problem with coming from a low income or poverty home is the education skills that are not being providing to younger…

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