Essay about Development Of American Government And The United States

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Development of American Government
The United States government, which we know of today, was not established directly out of the boom. The past occurrences of governmental ideals has forged the current government. The United States follows a democracy. This is where the notion of equality and the belief of the people is pushed to the forefront, and paves the way for government decisions. Like other accomplished governments, the United States’s political thought has been greatly influenced by its forefathers. This helped create a standing government for the country. From the Enlightenment to the Glorious Revolution, the birth of the United States was brought about through the manifestation of the ideals of democracy and the attack against tyranny or any semblance of such authoritarianism, over time.
One key factor, that played a major role of the creation of the United States government, was the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta was established in England, around 1200’s, for King John. King John was an arbitrary ruler; he would control the kingdom to his liking. In order to stop this from happening, the rebel barons created the Magna Carta. This document limits the ruler’s powers and explains how monarchs are not the complete rulers. This confinement on the assessment accumulation of the ruler 's subjects, and its refusal on the maintained request of those subjects ' yields and diverse properties, remained a pillar of reasonable thought for a significant time allotment to come,…

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