Essay on Development Of A Democratic Government

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Development can only happen if the government stands behind their citizens, whether that be a democratic government or not, is the argument explored for this paper. I say this with confidence as all of the countries that I have observed, it seems to be the case that a strong government can hold a nation together. It is a general trend that a proper and strong development of any country happens when a government shifts to a more democratic regime.You take any of the East Asian coutnries and you will see that this is the general case, as for these countries to become more economiclly strong, they adopted more democratic policies. Not just government regulation or strong governmental support, but in the way a country 's market works(Input here some policies of South Korea and others).. Is that to say the success for any country is to be more a free market like the United States? It depends on the scientist and their experience. Also that is for a different discussion at a later date.It was for some time, most social scientists can remember ,( comma here)?it has been the ‘West vs the Rest ' mentality and with that comes the idea of if you 're not democratic then you will not be as successive as the West. This may be up for debate as each country has their own definition.(such as my obtrude choice)
Democracies traditionally help countries thrive via progression of human rights and citizens activism. In this paper, I will argue that dependent variable , GDP per capita…

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