Development And Change Over A Life Time Essay

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Development and change over a life time are inevitable. However, the outcomes vary among individuals due to external factors such as upbringing, social class, time period, and more. Elder Vogel Jr. never imagined that at 59 years of age he would be a Pennsylvania State Senator and chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Mr. Vogel grew up on his families’ 400+ acre dairy farm in Beaver County Pennsylvania. 59 years later he now resides on this same farm with his wife and two step daughters, carrying on the family tradition all the while pursuing a career in politics.
Born in 1956 Mr. Vogel spent most of his childhood and teenage years immersed in the culture of the 60’s and 70’s. Growing up on a farm with three younger siblings he learned early the importance of hard work, family, and perseverance. Like most farming families of the time period money was tight and what was made most often went back into the farm. “We were farm rich and money poor,” stated Mr. Vogel. He spent most of his childhood working the farm, his summers making hay, traveling with the county 4-H club, and participating in dairy shows across Pennsylvania. Mr. Vogel was immersed in agriculture from the moment he was born. Historically speaking Mr. Vogel lived through many stepping stones in American history. From the Vietnam War to 9/11. Growing up in the 70’s the Vietnam war greatly impacted his life. When looking at the treatment of veterans after the war our country has made some major…

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