Essay about Developing High Quality Child Care Facilities

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While inequality of opportunity, and the lack of social mobility for the poor is a problem that must be addressed, it has proven to be a complex issue that requires more than one clear-cut solution to rectify the issue. Rather, to sufficiently remedy this growing dilemma, government efforts must address multiple elements, spreading their efforts over a wide range of topics. In the following paragraphs, I will address each of the previously mentioned factors that contribute to social immobility and propose my own solutions on how to assuage their negative effects. To bridge the achievement gap, it is imperative that efforts are focused primarily during child’s infancy, minimizing the achievement gap before it is able expand. Studies have shown that early positive childhood experiences that encourage cognitive development such as reading or extracurricular activities, are central to achieving and maintaining lifelong educational and economic competitiveness. To do so, out government should focus on investing in and developing high-quality child care facilities and preschools that are easily accessible to poor households. Additionally, it is important that programs that provide care and services for young children and their families, such as Early Head Start, should also be expanded. In the past, these programs have yielded positive results for the cognitive and language development of participating children, and thus, it should imperative that they become more widely…

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