Influence Of Money And The Political Process

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Money And The Political Process
It is often declaimed money is the root of all evil. Also frequently recited is the expression money is a necessary evil. Although common idioms, neither statement can be true. Money is inanimate, it is not capable of any evil. Money is merely a tool, albeit a very powerful tool. It is the use of this tool which can be manipulated into wielding something more, something powerful. Money can be used to buy influence. It has become common place for America’s politicians to use money’s influence on the political process. The only influence on the political process should be the needs and ideals of the American people. In order to achieve a more equitable and transparent government, manipulation to the political process should be reduced by minimizing money’s influence within the political process.
The Influence Of Money
On a small scale, the average American is encouraged to enjoy the influence their money can afford them. It is common practice to tip a restaurant host to obtain a reservation, or even a more preferable table. There are little repercussions. The host is happy with the tip, the customer is content with the table, and the person who originally would have been sat at that particular table is none the wiser. However, when the use of money’s influence is examined on a large scale, the
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Additionally, the American people currently have their hands tied regarding lobbying under the United State Constitution. Eliminating these two avenues of change makes the idea of removing, or even substantially minimizing, money in the political process seem futile. A new approach must be taken, an approach that substantially reduces the amount of political influence money can buy. The key is to reduce the power of the politicians that the wealthy attempt to

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