Detective Spooner Hero's Journey

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Our interpretation of the hero’s inner journey was that there was not a dramatic change in Spooner’s inner journey, but, he did go through some minor changes that has made him become a better person. In the beginning of the movie, Detective Spooner hated robots due to a previous experience that he had encountered. In that experience the robot chose to save him (the more likely outcome at 45% to survive the car incident) rather than the other girl (Sarah, who was less likely to survive the accident at 11%). According to Spooner, 11% of survival would have been more than enough to save Sarah, but the NS-4 would not have cared about that since he was made of ‘just lights and clockwork’. Essentially Spooner does not ‘experiment with new conditions’ …show more content…
Lanning. Spooner responds with ‘it is only considered as murder when one human kills another human and you're not exactly...human’. The major change that Spooner had to prepare for was when all the NS-5’s turned against all the humans, causing mayhem throughout the city, and giving him a harder time to try and stop the source. Spooner does accept the consequences of his new life, one example being that he shakes hands with Sonny, making a ‘truce’ with him. The new challenge that Spooner had to face was when all of the NS-5 robots started to attack him. He was unprepared most of the time and suffered serious injuries. This was a challenge because it was not normal for the robots to start attacking humans, and usually went against the Three Laws. The insight that Spooner gained about himself was that not everyone was what they seemed to be. For instance, he had believed that Sonny was the bad guy the whole time, when instead it had been V.I.K.I who had been causing all the troubles. Overall, throughout ‘I, Robot’ Spooner does not go through huge differences that affects him greatly. However, Sonny does go through various emotional phases that eventually determine his future

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