Despair In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Essay Test

The story of Frankenstein is written by Mary Shelley, a women who experienced many deaths, hardships, and much despair in her life. The book of Frankenstein also highlights despair. This makes the reader wonder if Mary wrote about a form of her emotions through different characters included in the book. Mary spent most of her life alone and in solitude much, like the main characters in Frankenstein. Throughout the book Frankenstein the character of Victor plays many roles. The reader is unable to identify whether Victor is a man of pure evil or pure good. Throughout the story Victor undergoes many events that change what was once a respectable man into a man without humanity or morals. Victor Frankenstein is the
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Once Victor realizes the the creature, of his experiment, is far worse than he ever imagined, Victor goes into a form of shock and falls extremely ill. Victor’s childhood friend discovers him at this fragile state and nurses him back to health. Victor realizes that without friendship and companions, he is nothing. Without friends Victor is lonely and no longer is the same person as he once was, as he was raised to be. Victor realizes that this person he was when he created the monster was not the person he intends to be. In Frankenstein, Victor recounts on page 48 “But I was in reality very ill, and surely nothing but the unbounded and unremitting attention of my friend could have restored me to life.” Victor has now realized what he had become, and tries to better himself by going back to what he once …show more content…
Victor is too full of pride to tell anyone of the true reason for the murders. Victor’s best friend Henry is killed, but Victor does and says nothing. After seeing the body of his dead friend Victor goes into shock for a second time, and falls very ill. Here again Victor’s evil moral is shown. Victor has learned to be a coward and not take responsibility of the murders. Not until Victor’s own wife is killed on the eve of their marriage, does Victor admit to the magistrate of the creature. The magistrate does not believe Victor’s story of the creature so they do

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