Desiree 's Baby By Desiree Atwood Essay example

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The story “Desiree’s baby” is about a white woman has a baby who is black in a time when slavery and prejudice are still culturally accepted and due to her gender, she is forced to leave her home and take the baby so she can care for it by herself. Even though the audience learns later on that the reason for the babies race is because her husband (Armand) has a mixed heritage(76).In “Desiree 's Baby” the contrast from race, gender, and class define the struggle faced by Desiree because of the time period.

To begin with the ways in which contrast is shown through race in Desiree 's baby depict the struggle of being black or even mixed in a time period where racism and slavery are still very much present. With this being the pre civil war era if any person were to be associated with another race, then they would be harshly scrutinized for it. Especially if said person were to have a relationship with a person from another race, then that person would be discarded from their society and forced to leave the home they live in. Not only that, but also black people at this time were perceived and treated as if they were objects with no value beyond the labor they were forced to do. This was the view of many white Americans during this time period.

In addition to race within” Desiree 's baby” contrast revolves around gender as well in which Desiree is treated far different from how a man in her same situation would be treated. In the time period this was written…

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