Essay about Designing a Reward System

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Designing a Reward System
By: Kelly Hitt

A reward system in the human service organization is a great idea. Having a reward system can help boost morale and give employees something to look forward too and work harder to strive to get the reward that is being offered. When deciding to have a reward systems there are many things that need to be considered. Some things to be considered would be the nine major factors of motivation. These are respect for me as a person, good pay, chance to turn out quality work, chance for promotion, opportunity to do interesting work, feeling my job is important, being told by the boss that you did a good job, opportunity for self-development and improvement, and a large amount of freedom on
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Sharing information with other managers and the employees will make a business run smoothly also. Below is a chart showing a performance management model. [pic]

To ensure that basic needs are met, competitive benefits are offered, benefits are equally distributed and employees are treated as individuals I would have each employee to make a list of what they might need to have done. This way I can keep track of who needs what and this will help me make sure that the needs are met. Competitive benefits are important also. I think for this that each employee would get a flyer explaining what it is the benefits cover. I will have each employee fill out a paper saying which benefits that they would like to choose. A copy will be put into their files. The other paper will be turned into the main office. When the benefits have to be distributed they will have that put into their envelope that their check comes in. This will ensure that it is distributed evenly. This next one ensures employees are treated as individuals, should not be difficult because everyone is different and I would treat them how I want to be treated, with respect. My employees will be offered paid vacations, paid holidays, ten sick days a year that roll over, three personal days a year, health insurance with vision, and dental insurance. Along with these benefits some incentives I plan on giving are for one month of work without any missed days the employee will get one paid day off. I

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