Designing An Excellent Service Delivery System Essay

1022 Words Mar 14th, 2016 null Page
Running a successful service comes from delivering an excellent service. Designing an excellent service delivery system focuses on creating value to which customer is willing to pay for and engage service employees in delivering wonderful experience to customers. The four key elements of successful service elements are: (Four Key Elements of a Service Delivery System, n.d.)
• Service Culture: Leadership principles, norms, work habits, vision, mission and values set a base for building Service Culture
• Employee Engagement: It is highly essential in executing service in order to become successfully and effective service model. Employee attitudes, activities and leadership skills are critical to success of the service
• Service Quality: Service strategy and process design are fundamental in Service Development. All service procedures and manual will help measure Service Quality. Service Quality can also be measured in terms of degree of customer satisfaction
• Customer Experience: Perceiving the service from customer point of view if highly critical. It is highly important to evaluate how both customer and end user perceive service delivery for long term commitment. It has become necessary to include customer as part of Service delivery system during the design stage. Customer participation in the service will help in analyzing the experience of customer and their feedback should be recorded. Increase in technology usage in service and having all details of customer’s…

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