Designing An Eco Friendly Material Essay

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Artist, Agata Oleksiak, is known to use an eco-friendly material in her sustainable artwork. Her textile fiber work has been associated with yarn bombing that is considered sustainable to some. Even though her methods may be questionable her concept and meaning behind her work is not.

Agata Oleksiak, known as Olek, is a Polish-born artist that now lives in New York. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Some of her works include installations, inflatable objects, sculpture, and fiber art. Her exhibits have been seen by various countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Italy and much more. The main work she is known for is her fiber art (yarn crochet) using biodegradable yarn. Yarn bombing or displaying her work for all the public to see in a street gallery art performance.

While she is known for yarn bombing, Olek claims her fiber art (crochet) is not. She believes her work should not be compared to aunts or grandmas crafty work that you wouldn’t want to see in the galleries. The streets, for her, is an extension of the gallery, and having permission is no concerned for her. One example is the covering of the 12-foot statue of Albert Einstein in D.C. crochet camouflage makeover. This was done as she attended the “40 Under 40: Craft Futures” exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Some believe that covering up another artist works or other items without permission is a form of graffiti.


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