Designing A Research Lab Conducting Research For Outside Companies

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This specific skill was developed at college, during a part time work and being able to balance out work duties and college work. This skill has continued to develop throughout my university studies with successfully meeting of several coursework deadlines and managing my time accordingly. During my 5-week placement I was placed into a research lab conducting research for outside companies. These external companies had set deadlines for when studies should be completed and the data collected released to them, therefore it was key to work to a tight schedule to meet such deadlines. The first time I came across pressured situations was working in my part time job at Specsavers. Where it was a fast paced environment where customers had to be dealt with quickly and to the highest standards. This also included dealing with customer complaints and calming down enraged customers to deal with their problems efficiently. I have received great feedback from this skill in appraisals and was often he first port of call to deal with complaints on the shop floor. This skill was also needed with attending my 5-week placement to handle the pressures of a research lab deadlines including multiple deadlines and exams at university. Including the pressure situations faced while partaking in sport. The only time that I have been exposed to willingness to taking responsibility and initiative was during my part time job at Specsavers. When dealing with customers and finding the…

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