Essay about Designing A Brand And Its Effect On Branding

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Brands are everywhere in today’s society, and with brands come their logos. The capitalist society that we live in is overcome with mass branding and competition to have the best product. Schools, sports activities and streets are bombarded with logos and branding that at one point did not exist. In No Logo, Naomi Klein emphasizes the impact that large corporations have on branding, and in turn, how this affects our point of view on logos. She elaborates on the history of manufacturing and relates that to how branding and logos are portrayed in society today. A brand is no longer just a brand, it is a lifestyle and defines a person more so than any other way. There is superiority in logos, and No Logo calls out the corporations use of manufacturing labor and greed to create the perfect brand. The first section of the book focuses on the idea of “no space” and Klein takes us back in history to the beginning of branding and manufacturing. When a new product comes out on the market, such as soap, and every company knows how to produce that product competition comes into play. This is where branding made its appearance in the late 19th century. Producers had to find a way to persuade consumers into buying their product, and Klein defines this time as the Brand Crisis. While some companies were not fazed by this, such as Disney and Coca Cola, others fought hard to create the best brand. A product is not seen as a product; it is the brand that it is associated with.…

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