Essay about Designer Baby : Genetically Modified Babies

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Imagine being given the opportunity of selecting your baby’s traits such as eye and hair color, intelligence and athletic ability. The tremendous advancement in technology today has made genetic alterations in babies a double-edged possibility. A designer baby is a genetically engineered offspring that is created by fertilizing an egg with sperm outside the human body for specific selected traits. Parents who decide to have a designer baby can select their baby’s gender, appearance, personality and even intelligence. Since its discovery much controversy has occurred in whether people should have designer babies or not. Individuals supporting designer babies believe that it can prevent genetic disorders such as, Down syndrome, Huntington’s disease and several others. They also believe that having genetically modified babies can be deployed as donor children for their sibling’s dire need of an organ or cell transplant. Even supposing that a designer baby could be ideal for some, there are others who are against it and believe that the donor child would be deprived of their rights to their own body. Moreover, having a designer baby can create a gap between society amongst genetically modified babies and those that are not genetically modified. Furthermore, the high expense of having a designer baby and the possible changes in the gene pool can cause long term health risks. Genetically engineered offspring should not be supported as it can be an expensive procedure with medical…

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