Designer Babies And Other Fairy Tales By Maureen Freely Essay

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Children, Parents, and Their Influences
Parents in our day and age have a great influence on their children and what their offspring will become in the future. Children watch their parents and copy their every move when they are little because in a child’s eye their parents are heroes. Parents have the greatest influence on their children from sports, to hobbies, their outlook on life, and to know the difference between right and wrong. THESIS! “Designer Babies and Other Fairy Tales” by Maureen Freely is introduced by telling the reader about a three-year-old named, Zain. Zain has blood disorder and needs a cell transplant the catch is, it is hard to find an exact donor for the child. The child’s parent got permission to try and to create a donor. In other words, make a baby with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) because the embryo could become the match for Zain and could ultimately save his life. Freely, then brings up the point of fear, a fear that there could be a social destruction when the new technology fails to do what it was intended to or makes people think that they are the controller and they will not know how to control that type of power. The fear of change in the rubrics for reproduction, People get worried if the doctors will take control of their bodies to make themselves look better to the public. On the flip side if the parents will think their child is perfect and create a monster. However, the biggest fear is “What if something goes wrong?” (2012, 299).…

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