Design Of The Study Of Qualitative Research Essay

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Design of the Study Qualitative studies aim to look into the quality of relationships, activities, situations, or materials (Fraenkel & Wallen, 2009). According to Merriam (2009), the focus of qualitative research is the process, meaning, and understanding, and the researcher plays an important role as the primary instrument of data collection and analysis, which is inductive (p. 266). Moreover, Bogdan and Biklen (2007) describe five characteristics of qualitative research:
• The natural setting is the direct source of data, and the researcher is the key instrument in qualitative research.
• Qualitative data are collected the form of words or pictures rather than numbers.
• Qualitative researchers are concerned with process rather than simply with outcomes or products.
• Qualitative researchers tend to analyze their data inductively.
• Researchers who use this approach are interested in how different people make sense of their lives (p. 4 to 7). Furthermore, “qualitative research designs can provide detailed descriptive knowledge, especially related to processes of learning” (Spencer & Marschark, 2010, p. 32). Because this study aims to provide a detailed description of classroom usage of Visual Phonics; therefore, the qualitative case study approach was chosen to investigate research questions. “A case study is a detailed examination of one setting, or a single subject, a single depository of documents, or one particular event” (Bogdan & Biklen, 2007, p. 59).…

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