Challenges Of Conducting Qualitative Research Essay

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Evaluate the challenges of conducting qualitative Research The challenges are different for qualitative research than for the quantitative research process. Each stage has different major characteristics and can be explored when the researcher does not know the variables. The main characteristics are as follows: collecting data from a lesser number of participants where the data is based on words rather than from numbers, exploring a central phenomenon and justifying a problem with the literature review section, recording the participant’s experiences by stating the research questions in a broad way or the purpose of the study in general terms, and evaluating and reporting the data with flexible structures that emerge. Phenomenon’s can …show more content…
So when comparing quantitative research with qualitative research it is more of a challenge to obtain data and to analyze the data without using more detailed words and descriptions of phenomenon. Because a smaller population is usually used for a qualitative study the results cannot be generalized to a larger population. These are some of the challenges for conducting a qualitative …show more content…
For example, a survey design would be used to describe a trend in a large population. In this case, a survey is given to a smaller population, called the sample, where trends in behaviors, opinions, views, characteristics or attitudes can be identified.
Whereas, qualitative designs explore problems using ethnography, grounded theory, or a narrative research design. An example of an ethnography design would be to describe, analyze, or interpret the culture of a group. The shared patterns of behavior, languages that develop over a specific time, or beliefs can be analyzed in a specific cultural group.
A mixed-methods study can be a combination of either mixed methods or action research design. An example of an action research design would be gathering information on systematic procedures used by professors on qualitative and quantitative data to find improvements in teaching, educational settings or learning techniques of individual students.
The research project will indicate which method is best for the research study (Creswell,

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