Design Is Not Focused On Fame Essay

801 Words Oct 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Everyday I learn that design is more complex than I previously thought it was. My initial thoughts were that design was focused around profit. For some reason I perceived that the objective was to simply make money. My original goals were to become famous with an idea. Now that I understand design should be focused more around people like Timothy Prestero mentioned, I realize that design is not focused on fame. Design should be geared towards making things more functional for the users. I also understand the importance of framing and reframing to acquire a more accurate solution. Innovation, social responsibility, and happiness/pleasure are all key disciplines of design that I had not taken into consideration. Innovation is one of designs most influential values. A value is how useful something is at a given task it is designed for. A value must fulfill its particular purpose. Innovation is directly linked to creativity. Innovating relies on creativity to assess what is already invented and modify it. If we were unable to be creative and acquire new ideas innovation would not exist. In design, connecting and combining ideas is very important and this is true as well when it comes to innovation. Some great examples of innovation are offered to us by Dyson. They reconstructed the way vacuums function to create a more durable and long lasting result. Dyson also redesigned the common wheelbarrow to make it more user friendly. In addition to that, Dyson innovated…

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