Design Analysis : The Bridge Lab Project Essay

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Introduction: The bridge lab project was based on the given scenario in which a reliable bridge needed to be constructed over a river in order to alleviate traffic. The objective was to design a bridge to relieve traffic flow that was also safe, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing. The constraints for this project included the budget and minimum height and width requirements. The max budget to purchase wood was $200, the minimum height at all points of the bridge was 3 inches, the minimum width of the bridge was 4 inches, and the final bridge had to accommodate a 3”x 3” platform in order to test bridge deflection at the end of construction. The following lab report shadows the steps for design evaluations by providing background information, a detailed design description, the design implementation, and conclusion.

Background: Recently there has been a problem with replacement and bridge deterioration. The techniques of bridge construction have the potential for minimizing the traffic control systems during the promotion of worker and traffic safety, renewal of bridges, and to improve the durability and quality of the bridges. This bridge design report is based on the applications for constructing bridges. Depending on the apparent structural stability, the team involved with the designing of the bridge has given individual ideas for constructing the bridge and then the final design has been selected. The optimization of the selected design has been done by…

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