Design A Timing Drive System Essay

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To install the cylinder head onto the engine, it is essential to design a timing drive system to link them together. The design of the timing drive assembly can not only rotate the camshafts, but also required to control the opening and closing of the valves, and the movement of the pistons. For the international combustion engine, there are two main solutions: teethed belt and chain.
The crucial function of the timing drive system is to provide drive to the engine’s camshaft(s) and a constant timing relationship to the crankshaft in order to provide the correct valve opening and closing timing required for the engine 's thermodynamic cycle. [11]

The timing relationship has to be maintained within tolerances over the engine lifetime. Failure of the timing drive system leads to complete engine failure. This may be gradual (for example, deterioration of timing accuracy gradually leading to loss of power or emissions); or sudden, (for example loss of drive leading to a collision between piston and open valves). [11] In short, it is very significant to protect timing drive system.

Additional measures to vary the timing relationship (Variable Valve Timing) may be introduced between the timing drive and the camshaft; these do not change the basic function since the timing in Variable Valve Timing rest position must be maintained accurately. [11]

The original timing drive assembly system, from Ford ZSD 2.0 litre 420 turbocharger engine, can act as a contrast for the designed…

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