Design A System That Can Read Environmental Weather Measurements

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We had to design a system that can read environmental weather measurements. Each member of the group had to program couple of sensors and then we combined them all into one main code.
The Bluetooth chip we used is the JY-MCU. We picked this chip because it is a good solution to make the weather station wireless. The JY-MCU is a wireless serial port module that was designed for Arduino and it defaults to 9600 or 38400 baud depending on the firmware loaded on it. There are six pins on the chip but only four of these pins is being used in this project. Figure 1Bluetooth to Arduino Connection
The obvious connections are GND and VCC, where they go to the GND (ground) and 5V of the Arduino. The other two are RXD and TXD. RXD of the is the received data and TXD is the transmitted data. The transmitted data of the Bluetooth should go into the received data of the Arduino board and the transmitted data of the Arduino board should go into the transmitted data of the Bluetooth.
This chip allows the Arduino to transmit and receive data wirelessly. Not much programming was needed to get this Bluetooth chip to work with the Arduino.
I needed to define the pins of the Bluetooth that are going to the Arduino:
#define rxPin 0 //Bluetooth RX
#define txPin 1 //Bluetooth TX
And then I had to define a SoftwareSerial for the Bluetooth, SoftwareSerial allows the Arduino to communicate to other devices.
SoftwareSerial mySerial = SoftwareSerial(rxPin, txPin);
After that,…

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