Essay about Descriptive Narrative, Argumentative, And Literary Analysis

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In my descriptive narrative, argumentative, and literary analysis essays there were numerous instances that the expository strategies were noticeable. The most common types of strategies discovered were development by example , development of division and classification and lastly casual analysis.
In my descriptive narrative the most common expository strategy is development by example. In my descriptive narrative I was explaining a personal experience that initially led to a broad accusations about the Galveston 's homeless. For example in the essay I state, " At first I had imagined these destitute people being dirty, unfriendly and needy". The points of being dirty, unfriendly and needy have given some generalities that will eventually be proven wrong by not only citing some personal examples, but also comparing and contrasting of how the people aren 't anything of what I imagined. In one instance I state, "One man came wearing a blue buttoned up shirt, some fairly nice jeans and well-kept tennis shoes" this example defies what I initially thought . In addition to this first example of being dirty I then lead the reader into another observation that I initially had about the homeless being unfriendly, but latter in the essay I rebut this statement by giving yet another example in my essay stating, "The homeless made conversation easily between the volunteers and didn 't discuss their living situations". The examples given in the narrative essay provide an insight…

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