Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Inherited Treasures
Walking through the doorway to my bedroom, I recognize many unique and vintage objects that I have inherited from my deceased grandmother. About ten years before I was born, my grandma, Katie Binder, lost her life to breast cancer. My father and his family have told me about my grandma’s love for making beautiful, lively artwork. Over the years, I have inherited several of her paintings, a collection of her vintage cameras, and one of her homemade cloth dolls. These treasures I inherited from my grandma have become some of my most prized possessions because they not only hold memories of my Grandma Katie, but these three objects have also shown me what an amazing and talented artist she was and the kind of artist that I would like to become.
Many love my Grandma Katie’s style of painting, but her paintings are most loved by me because each one shares a memory she had while still alive, the memories I wasn’t able to experience with her. One particular piece of her artwork has been in my possession for about five years and I still cherish that piece of art to this day. The thirty year old painting warms my heart, but it also makes me disappointed that my Grandma Katie isn’t here to teach me to be as good of an artist as she was. She copied the painting from a picture that someone had taken of her and her husband over twenty years ago, when my grandma was in her thirties. As my grandpa and his wife of…

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