Personal Narrative: My Grandfather's Family

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In my grandfather’s eyes, World War II was the biggest event in human history. This global event significantly impacted even the most looked over families in America. My grandfather’s family was one of them.
Alfred Delong Kennedy was born on October 7, 1937 in Mokelumne California to his mother, Irby Delong and father, Alfred Petty-John Kennedy. He had 6 siblings, Francis, John, Ruth, Betty, Dorris, and Hope. He was the second youngest of all his siblings. His family was dirt poor. They lived in a shack across the Mokelumne River, in Amador County. There was no indoor plumbing, no running water, and no electricity. Unfortunately, the Delong family was not the only American family living like this at the time, as over 7 million people were
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By that time, John was out of the Army and had to find a job after he was honorably discharged. Unemployment among veterans was common, however more pressing issues were focused on women’s employment and their vast contributions to the war effort. My grandfather lived in Yreka with his family until he was 17 when he joined the Marine Corps during the beginning of the Korean War. He is one of the youngest Korean War Veterans still alive, despite the fact that he never saw active duty. He moved on with his life in Sacramento and the Bay Area after he finished his service, and met his wife, Kathleen Hall when he was 24.
In conclusion, the Great Depression significantly affected American people, and showed the true grit, shame, and integrity of those who struggled. With World War II came great conflict, yet great relief for those who hit rock bottom during the Depression. The mass production and employment demand increased the economy and people 's spirit. My grandfather’s family saw this hope and prosperity through the changes in his life surrounding the war. His brother was able to come home safely after active duty, and their life took a turn for the better after they moved and finally settled into a permanent

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