Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I was around 30 years old. I was sleeping one day and then this weird dream occurred. But before I tell you what this dream was, I have to give you a little background on my story. See my country has been in oppression for as long as I can remember and like these people around me just cry out to God when it gets really bad, then when it gets better, they don’t change anything. The last “deliverer” we’ve had was this dude named Othniel. Anyways, so yeah, my people are now crying out to God again because times have gotten rough under the rule of the Moabites. So now back to that weird dream. I went to bed early that night, like around the 10th hour, because I had to work that next morning. I’m deep in my dreams and I’m dreaming of this other weird thing where I’m on the riverbanks kicking this spherical object into this white woven pattern of squares, anyways, then I see this radiant object walk up to me, in my dreams, and tell me he has a job for me. With my only job being cutting wood all day, I gladly accepted the job offer. This being, spoke unto me saying, “So bro, my Boss sent me and He’s like, I need you to go to the palace and talk to King Eglon and tell him you have a secret message for him. Your people have been working as slaves under Eglon for 18 years and they’ve cried out to my Boss and since He was feeling a little generous these past few years, so He decided to help you guys.” The being started to walk away and then he said, “Oh btw, you’re gonna have to kill…

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