Bermuda Beach Research Paper

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Bermuda Beach Information - A Guide to Sun and Sand
Bermuda is a gorgeous place with some of the best beaches in the world, many of which have amazing sugary pink sands.
Your Bermuda vacation will not be complete without visiting the beaches. Bermuda is a beautiful jewel in the northern Caribbean, several hundred miles due east of North Carolina, so it is actually in more temperate latitudes. There are more than 34 beaches on Bermuda altogether, and all of them are great for their own reasons, but let’s look at some of the best of the best.
Horseshoe Bay
Horseshoe Bay is in Southampton, its bay forming a horseshoe shape against the aquamarine water and the white sea-foam crashing against the coral-colored sand. This famous beach is one of the
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However, at the time of this writing, Bermuda’s authorities are beginning the process of upgrading the facilities, which will take approximately 2 years to complete, with a tentative date of March 2013. Until then, tourists need to bear these factors in mind when planning their visit to Horseshoe Bay Beach.
Tobacco Bay
This is Bermuda’s second-most popular beach, for good reason. This beach also has pink sands, and the shallow waters are perfect for snorkeling, with an amazing variety of marine wildlife and plants to be seen quite easily. The unique feature of this beach is its huge limestone formations, which partially block the entrance to the bay and offer a breathtaking view to those who are brave enough to make the climb.
A fun side trip to make if you enjoy snorkeling is to swim from nearby Achilles Bay along the rocky coastline toward Tobacco Bay, which offers even more underwater scenery. This beach does often get crowded during the summer months when tourists disembark in nearby St. George, so bear that in mind. Beach facilities are more than ample here, and there are snacks, drinks, and light food at the beach bar. A great choice for
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Located in Paget Parish, this beach has no dramatic limestone crags, just a simple, elegant coastline of tranquil azure water. The coral reefs are very close to the beach, keeping the worst of the waves and tides away, making for easy swimming and snorkeling. The private part of the beach has really nice bathroom and other facilities for the resort’s guests, but the public beach’s facilities are perfectly adequate. A local concession rents chaise lounges, beach umbrellas, snorkeling gear and also offers snacks and drinks. Mickey’s Bistro, a popular restaurant at the resort, is right on the beach, offering great dining in a great atmosphere. For those interested in wreck diving, the Pollockshields shipwreck is only about a hundred yards off shore, and is easily seen by snorkel or

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