Descriptive Essay On Bathrooms

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All rooms or parts of your home have their own, special purpose. However, there are rooms that receive much attention and have greater value than others. A bathroom shower is one of underappreciated areas in a home. Most homeowners spend their time cleaning the bathroom and making sure it’s neat. They don’t have enough time to give their bathroom a new look or an extra styling. This is the reasons why most bathrooms are plain and boring. If you want to stand out and increase the value of your home, you should consider remodeling your bathroom and most importantly, your bathroom shower.
Bathroom showers and tubs are the two most important places where your bathroom remodeling should begin. Renovating your bathroom showers can give your bathroom
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From glass doors to plastic curtains, your option is really based on the size of your bathroom and your personal taste. To purchase the right type of shower for your bathroom, you will have to consider how you want the water stream to feel and how important the design is to you. It’s also important to note that different types of showers require different heating systems.
Electric Showers
This type of showers can be used with any domestic water system. Electric showers are usually connected to the main water system (cold water) and a component within the shower is responsible for heating the water as it passes through the unit. This can be useful for your electricity bill, as no surplus water heating goes on.
This type of shower requires a small space to install. It also requires an independent supply of cold water from a tank. For it to operate effectively, the water at your main entry should have a running speed of about min 1 bar and it must flow at a speed of 8 litres per minute. You are also advised to make sure that the maximum static pressure is about 10
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Mixer shower produce a more grounded stream than electric showers. While some of this type of showers can function well with any framework, others require high pressure or low pressure framework to function perfectly. It’s therefore important to check the type of mixer shower that will work perfectly in your bathroom.
Bathroom Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms
Many homeowners with small bathroom think that their options are limited when it comes to remodeling, but this isn’t always true. There are quite a number of options available even when dealing with a small space. The curved quadrant shower is one of the smallest shower designs on the market and its ideal for small bathrooms. It is elegant and very functional, especially if paired with other scaled down amenities like small sinks and toilets.
This type of shower is a good alternative to conventional rectangular or square shaped showers, and is perfect for bathrooms where space is a problem. The curved quadrant shower will fit perfectly in the corner of your bathroom and allow space for other bathroom fittings, fixtures, and door

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