Descriptive Essay : My Aunt And I

1019 Words Sep 23rd, 2015 5 Pages
Simple objects such as a quilt and a pillow are symbols for an important person in my life. Quilts are things that some people look past as just another blanket or just something used to make a pallet with; but in my case I look at them as symbols of a loved one’s time, love, and effort put into something that you can remember them by. My aunt Marry played an important role in my life and she died an unexpected death. My aunt and I would do things together that most people would be jealous of, like do each other’s hair and makeup, or rake leaves, etc. Aunt Mary loved to tell funny jokes or make silly faces to make my sister and I laugh. She taught us that no matter what people say you are beautiful on the inside and out, and never believe what hateful things they have to say about you. Quilts were one of her favorite things to knit; she would make them for anyone that asks, first thing she would do is ask them their favorite color and then ask how the wanted it made. She always asked me what my favorite color was and if I ever wanted a quilt. I always told her that my favorite color was purple and that I just wanted her to make it how she liked to make them. So on one day that she had free she and I made a huge purple quilt that to this day hangs on the headboard of my bed in my room. It took us three days to make it halfway and it still was not finished. Therefore, she told me that she would finish it later. She lived in Florida, so she had to travel back and forth…

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